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Get your profile ready to start tracking your hours. #BloomingtonSOS

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Make your Summer a Summer of Service!
May 30-August 8

You've got 10 weeks this summer - why not use them to make a difference in your community, hang out with friends while helping where you are needed, learn a new skill, meet people, build your college resume, and win fun prizes?

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How to Log Hours

Hours Logged


View the Summer of Service Impact Board to see hours logged by teens. Can you make it to 1000 hours by August 8? 

Post your #BtownSOSServiceSelfie of you "in action" performing your service to Twitter or Facebook, and log your hours (learn more about how to log hours here)

The earlier in the summer you sign up - the more time you have to log your hours and accumulate your totals

Summer of Service Participants Receive:

  • Receive perks according to your hours logged
    • June 20 Rally Tally – perks for 7+ hrs logged
    • July 11 Rally Tally – perks for 7+ & 14+ hrs logged
    • Aug 1 Rally Tally – perks for 7+ / 14+/ 20+ hrs logged
    • Aug 8 Rally Tally – special perk if 1000 total hrs logged by all participants
  • Shout outs for the best #BtownSOSServiceSelfie in Bloomington Volunteer Network weekly promotions

  • Participants logging 20+ hours receive a an official City of Bloomington pin and a personalized certificate of achievement and a note of congratulations from the Mayor of Bloomington, John Hamilton and the Bloomington Volunteer Network certifying your participation and hourly achievement.


  • You must register to participate by entering your name as a Summer of Service participant for your hours to be counted.
  • Hours must be logged through the Bloomington Volunteer Network website to be counted towards your hours total.
  • All teens currently in high school or preparing to enter high school in the fall of 2017 are eligble to participate.
  • Hours logged between May 30-August 8 will be counted towards your Summer of Service Totals.
  • Hours do not need to be performed through a Bloomington Volunteer Network partner organization. Service may be informal - such as walking a neighbor's dog - or helping an existing organization such as Habitat for Humanity or the Community Kitchen.
  • Hours must be verified to be included in your hours total.
  • Volunteer activities must have been performed in Monroe County, Indiana

Activities not considered volunteer activities for Summer of Service include:

  • Lobbying
  • compensated service
  • serving family
  • proselytizing of personal beliefs and/or related church-affiliated activities

 View even more teen resources here to learn about service scholarships and year round opportunities.