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Build Your Volunteer Resume

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Oct 28, 2016
by Bloomington Volunteer Network

Track hours

A great feature of our new website is the ability to view and print your own unique "volunteer resume".  All service hours are reflected in your volunteer profile as they are approved and entered in our database. Volunteer and watch them grow!  The resume includes colorful graphics as well as a complete list of service hours.  

The volunteer resume feature is perfect for students who are frequently required to participate in community service for civic clubs or senior projects. Students preparing for college will find the resume a unique addition to college applications.  College admission staff want to know more than a student's GPA. They're looking for well-rounded individuals who give their best both in and outside the classroom.

Volunteers on the job hunt may also find this a valuable resource to highlight their community-mindedness and skills learned in community service.  Potential employers  value commitment, and want to know if you show up on time, can take direction, are responsible, and work well with others. A good reference from an agency you've volunteered with can help them decide that you'd be a good employee.  Consider the resume is an insightful addition to an employment application.


Simply log-in to your Volunteer Network user account.  

Click "View your full Volunteer Resume" beneath your profile snapshot.


Click "Volunteer Resume". Choose the date range you would like to highlight. Click "GO".

Open the downloaded document.

The printable document lists your service opportunities by date, along with hours served.  It also includes engaging graphics that highlight the interest areas and impact value of your service!